Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

So, it's that time of year! My husband, as impatient as he is, convinced me to open our presents at midnight. So, he got a funny mug for work, and I got a video camera! Yay! Hopefully we can put up our first video very soon! I'm really hoping to do both some comedy as well as some instructional videos and some life updates!

Tonight we'll be having dinner with some of our friends who recently returned from Afghanistan and then watching Les Miserables. I know, depressing, but I'm a huge sucker for musicals, and I love to remind myself on the holidays how blessed our family is to have a home, food, and each other.

So, last night we watched The Hobbit. I've read the book twice, but since I was in elementary school, I only had a few "Ahh! I remember that!" moments. It's the first third of the book, and we're glad they didn't try to cram everything into one movie.

Our wonderful kitties, whom we love so much, have broken the bottom branches of our tree, and love to eat or garland. I'm so glad that it's almost time to put our tree away. As beautiful as it was and as much as I love it, it's time.

How do you celebrate?


Friday, December 21, 2012

Doomsday? Only By Popular Demand

So, it is the day to end all days... I guess. Even though I am not worried about fire raining from the heavens, the fact that we have enough folks who do is what worries me. So, What am I doing about it? Since I have to travel today for work we have a plan set up for both us, and a few of our local team members. If there really are riots or anything else that happens, I will have 3 things in my car.

  • Soft plate carrier
  • CCW card and weapon
  • Go-bag with emergency supplies (mainly water and food since I could get back in less than a day's walk)
I'd love to hear about what you are taking with you in the comments, or on my page Musings of a Pre-apocalyptic Wife on Facebook! Other than the potential unrest, today has been just like any other. I woke up, got dressed, and talked to my good friend Erin (from ErinSays). Later today I'll head over to work, and then head home. Hopefully in my car. If it's too bad, I'll stay home. Let me know how it is in your area!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thrive Ice Cream Sandwich Review

Hey All!

So, today my husband and I bought our first can from Thrive foods, and my husband picked their ice cream sandwiches. They were delicious and I would definitely get them again. They weren't too hard like some freeze-dried ice cream I've had. They're supposed to last 2 years after they've been opened or 25 years unopened. Oooooh. Ahhhh. Lol. When we opened up the can (yes, it required a can opener) you could hear the air being sucked in. So far, we're fans! Let me know if there is any particular food you would like me try, and I'll do my best to get back to you!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Medical Kit

Everywhere I look I see a kit that has been made for every circumstance. Want a medical kit? How about for a earthquake? How do they determine what you'll need for these things anyway? My personal opinion is that you can make these kits for much cheaper than most of them are selling for. Take a trip on the wild side, and walk through your dollar store. 90% of them have all the same things as far as medicine goes. Not to mention that you can get REUSABLE bandages from old t-shirts, sheets, or any other cloth you have lying around. There are many things that you may need tat they don't and you'll never fit it all back in the bag they give you anyway. So, for a basic medical kit that you can use and reuse in a pinch, here are my suggestions.

Every bag must have a few basic things for those just in case moments. The radio is to be more carried on your person than put into the bag, but make sure you have it!

  • Fire starting kit: (Box Matches, petroleum jelly cotton ball x3, flint and steel)
  • Signal mirror
  • solar blanket
  • heavy duty tape (5-10ft minimum)
  • cord
  • Radio
  • whistle
  • notepad
  • paper
  • comb/brush
  • handkerchief
Medical supplies:
Please note that I will NOT put any of the little "I cut my finger" band-aids on this list. All they do is make you feel better with almost no real medical help. I'll try to make everything as reusable as possible since the goal is long-term.

  • Personal Medication
  • Medical tape
  • cloth diaper (In lieu of a chest pad)
  • cloth pads x4
  • cloth strips
  • triangular bandage
  • antiseptic ointment
  • ibprofen or equivilent
  • moleskin
  • large safety pins x2
  • Surgical gloves x2 (NOT LATEX!)
  • solar watch (for timing)
What's in your go-bag?


Sunday, December 2, 2012

2nd Job? Maybe. :-/

Good morning all!

Times are a bit annoying here at the prepper house. So the job has been doing well, except no one has enough hours. Normally I wouldn't mind "taking one for the team" (sacrificing hours so everyone will have some) but I have the same hours (in some cases more) than  anyone else and I have 8 this week. I understand getting more employees to help out for the holidays, but this is way too big a cut. So, I'm looking for another part-time job. I won't be leaving my job, since it has a store in every city I'm thinking of moving to, but I will be supplementing my income somehow. We'll see.

Christmas plans are rolling into motion. I've talked to my boss and gotten some time around New Year's to be with family. Now the question is, what do we do with the cats? 9 days is a little too long to leave them with a sitter, but we can't take them to my in-laws. So the problem starts. I may just leave them with a good friend. Hopefully. I'm so ready to go home.

What are your plans for Christmas?