Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Today is day 8 of the life of my tomato plant and so far, so good. My only worry is that there are weird white spots appearing on the leaves of my plant! Anyone know if it is diseased..?  Other than that it seems to be happy and healthy! No brown, and it got some plant food today to keep it that way!

Our cats have begun to think that going outside is a right, not a privilege... I know, because our youngest kitten who wasn't allowed outside until recently has decided that when I bring her back in she has to cry for an hour... Ugh... It's worth seeing her have fun in the grass, though, and she even used the grass as litter, so we're definitely getting more comfortable with the idea!

My brother in-law is going to be staying at our house for the next week, and we're really excited to have him! My husband's best friend is also headed back from Afghanistan very soon! He used to be our roommate, and he is like the brother I never had! We're very glad to have him back! I've been furiously cleaning the house for days trying to get everything ready for their arrival, and to make the tornado of "man time" a little less shocking. It may be a bit before I write, but I will write if/when I have the time!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tomato Experiment Day 5

It's day 5 of my Tomato plant experiment and so far, it seems to have lasted and even thrived! YAY! No watering today since the soil was still moist, but it's doing very well. I moved it over a couple of inches so that it can start getting some sun in the afternoon. The only thing that seems to threaten it are kitties who like to chew on the strings that hold it up. *Cough* Padme. *Cough* The cats are very excited by the plant, and don't seem to eat it, but then again, they aren't big tomato fans either.

There was a big spider outside our house yesterday. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a very good picture of it without getting my fingers right next to it, but my neighbor knocked on my door to show it to me. Lol.Yes, even though spiders don't scare me, I don't invite them to bite me very often. I'm really hoping he'll help keep the bad bugs off my plant!

So, my husband let slip what my big birthday present was going to be... a month's supply of food! Yay! Nothing like having a little extra food around the house, and with our moving and the unsurety of my husband's date to leave the Corps, it's not a moment too soon. We're very excited to be able to start stocking up, and be ready for our future. Our preps are finally starting to take shape here in the Prepper household.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tomato Experiment Day 4

Today is our 4th day of tomato plant experimentation. So far it seems to continue to thrive. Our skies did it's very best to try and rain but despite the slight almost sprinkle we got, it wasn't quite good enough. So the plant got a little bit of water today.

Padme was allowed to come out with me this afternoon on a trial basis. She's normally not very good about staying by the house (at least she wasn't when she was younger) so I figured that since we have a porch we can do a little being outside conditioning before we move and have the outdoors possibly be their litter box. She loves being out, but the freedom overwhelms her, and she's run off for three days before. Hopefully once she's a little better about staying on the porch we can move on the letting her go near our front door and such.Maybe she'll just have to stay inside forever...

Later tonight I'll be headed over to a friend's house for Ladies Night. No clue what we're doing, but it's bound to be a blast! I don't know how much there will be to report on this, but I know that my husband is curious as to what we'll be up to. Lol

There's more news on my hubby's possible out of the corps date! Yes, we won't be 100% sure for awhile, and we're still thinking that we'll get out in January, but we've heard that it may be as soon as November! I don't know about you, but 2 months less of everything that is "living the military lifestyle" will be wonderful! And it means that we'll probably be closer to family in an apartment for a few months. It'll give us a great chance to save up some more money for our house and really be able to have it ready quickly. Plus, our housing costs will drop by almost $1k where we'll be. This is huge!

Last night we attempted to go to a restaurant and have a date night, but arrived at 8:35... Apparently 5 minutes after they closed... Who closes a restaurant at dinnertime? Like, in the middle of dinnertime? I don't know, but they lost our business, and we ended up going to the souplantion, which is a bit more diet friendly anyway. Then we came back and partied with a few friends. It was so much fun, and we all really had a blast playing games and learning that our friends are expecting! Congrats!

What's your big news?


Friday, August 24, 2012

Tomato Plant Experiment Day 3

So. It's tomato plant day 3. My husband swears it's gotten bigger, but I don't think I see anything noticeable. So far, it's not dead, and even seems to be doing well! We had a nice rain last night, so I'm not watering it today, but I did want to make sure I haven't infected it with my impatient gardening. The kitties love that we have the plant because it gives me an excuse to let them come outside.

Some of my husband's family are coming out to visit us next weekend. We're excited to have them over! It's a great time for us to spend good quality time and relax.

Our cats have been much more active and Padme has really started warming up to people. They really do make my days brighter. Lately, though, they've also had the habit of crawling into the entertainment center and flipping the switch that shuts down everything. XP Oh well, what can you do? At least they're active, and getting down to a healthier weight.

And speaking of losing weight, my husband and I are working on just that. We both have opposite approaches to it. I'm a big fan of just switching out our snacks, and cooking a bit healthier dinner, and see where we end up (I also don't gain much weight unless I'm sick) but my husband does the whole shibang. He does the diet supplements with the protein shakes, replacing meals, huge exercise routine, and sometimes does just water for a few days. It's not very healthy, but I can't force him to eat, so here we are.

What do you eat?


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our New Beretta!

So, for those of you who read up on us a lot, you know that I really don't talk about our weapons a lot, and in fact we don't have a lot of them with us at the moment. Some of that is honestly on purpose, and some of it is that I'm not the best at explaining them. I'm still learning, and right now I'm really going through the beginning stages of firearms. I know the basic parts, and can hit a target, but am not necessarily the best shot in the world. This is why I married my husband, the man who is hoping to retire and become a weapons dealer. If I'm the most important thing in his life (which he claims I am) then these are next on the list.

Now, I know a little more than the average female, and when I tell my friends about a gun, they think I'm awesome, but against my husband my answers are somewhere between "Is that in the top part?" and "What does this do?"  So, when I say we bought a Beretta 96a1, just know that I only know that because he told me. Lol.

It's black, shiny, and brand spankin' new. I haven't had a chance to fir it yet, so I'm not quite sure how much I'll like it, but we'll see what all it comes down to. I personally own a Walther PPS which is a tiny little gun that I (and I use this term loosely since it's mostly my husband who takes it) use for conceal carry. We really like it a lot, and I'm starting to get more comfortable with it.

If you are interested in learning how to use a firearm, ask a friend to show you the basics or go to a pistol class. They will teach you everything you need to get you started. But please, if you go to a friend to learn, no matter what they tell you, DO NOT point a firearm, loaded or not, at anything you aren't willing to lose. Loved ones, body parts, furniture, or anything else! Yes, firearms are a very effective tool, but they are indeed dangerous if mishandled.


It's Been Awhile!

So, yesterday I have started my first gardening adventure! A small tomato plant. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Uhm, Kat... growing season is almost over." Trust me, I know, but we've been so busy here trying to get everything set up, and I figured that we're moving in January (or December), so why don't I just experiment and see if I can keep it alive before I have to throw it out. It's also an experiment on whether growing plants indoors will allow them to produce fruit anyway. (probably not, but it's worth trying!)

We've been looking into a lot of things that are more "natural" lately, and we've discovered sleeping on the floor. I haven't seen any scientific research done one way or another on matresses vs. the floor, but it always fixes my back when mine really starts hurting, and it seems to help my husband's medical problems as well. So, solution for the new house... Real mattress in the guest beds, and some sort of bedroll/sheepskin on a platform in our room. Anyone have any info on either side of the fence for that?

We're so excited to move, and we've been getting rid of a ton of stuff in our apartment that we just don't use, or don't need. I swear we've been selling things left and right, with still so much stuff left over! We have very few things that we actually want to take to our new home, but we'll see what we end up with! I hope that we can find some sort of way to give them out if we don't actually sell them.

The new job is a huge step up from where we are now for a lot of reasons, like more money, being out of the military, more stable, being out of the military, and that my husband will no longer be in the military! YAY! Yes, technically he'll be training people in the army, but that's more than okay if we don't have to deal with him being yelled at for stupid things and being able to actually take a real vacation! Finally our life will be ours, and we can settle into a permanent home with land, and dogs, and cats, and maybe a few kids. This is it! The beginning of our truly adult lives. YAY HAVING A MORTGAGE!

Also, my husband has received his purple heart, finally! He's the most modest guy ever when it comes to it, and he didn't even tell me until today that it went through "awhile ago". My husband was blown up in Afghanistan, and although he wasn't burned he now has some lovely shrapnel in his neck that makes him be a bit twitchy. We'll see if technology improves enough to be able to remove it... or if we have the chance to get that far with everything that's going on with our country.

How have you been prepping, lately?