Sunday, December 2, 2012

2nd Job? Maybe. :-/

Good morning all!

Times are a bit annoying here at the prepper house. So the job has been doing well, except no one has enough hours. Normally I wouldn't mind "taking one for the team" (sacrificing hours so everyone will have some) but I have the same hours (in some cases more) than  anyone else and I have 8 this week. I understand getting more employees to help out for the holidays, but this is way too big a cut. So, I'm looking for another part-time job. I won't be leaving my job, since it has a store in every city I'm thinking of moving to, but I will be supplementing my income somehow. We'll see.

Christmas plans are rolling into motion. I've talked to my boss and gotten some time around New Year's to be with family. Now the question is, what do we do with the cats? 9 days is a little too long to leave them with a sitter, but we can't take them to my in-laws. So the problem starts. I may just leave them with a good friend. Hopefully. I'm so ready to go home.

What are your plans for Christmas?

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