Tuesday, November 13, 2012

36 States Threatening to Secede

Okay world. While everyone is worrying about their latest sex scandal, I'm much more afraid of what is going on in our own backyard. Originally my husband and I figured it was much more of a scare tactic for Obama to realize that we weren't playing around, and he better stop what he's doing. Well, that was 15 states yesterday morning. This morning 36 states are threatening to secede and this could be trouble. I hope you have a plan, because we do!


Although I would love to go through all the states and their numbers with you, I know they will all change. This article by the examiner (I know, I know) has links to 29 of the states petitions and if you click on them can give you the most up to date information on how these state's petitions are currently going. When I checked as of writing this post Texas had received 78,499 out of 25,000 needed signatures to petition the government.


As for other news, California now has a super majority of democrats and has already created a bill to have citizens turn in their weapons. This does not bode well. Not at all. We'll see what happens here in the near future. YIKES! Good thing I'm not a citizen of California!

Our kitties have been rather... special lately. Jasper has been a mad man now that he is no longer a little chubby... Which is very annoying. He broke a bowl by jumping onto it while it was sitting on my counter. I am not pleased.

So far, the plan is that we will have in-laws in town for Thanks-giving! Yay! Hopefully we can have everything clean and ready to go for their arrival! (And we will. So help me, we will.)

The biggest battle I've had this year is getting my husband to agree to have a Christmas tree. We didn't have one last year, and this year, I have finally worked my way up to a tiny table top tree. Next year he has agreed to a full sized one since we will be in what I hope will be our "forever home". For now, we'll just have to try and avoid making more boxes than we need to haul by having small trees... V.V

What are your thoughts on the petitions? Do you think that they will go anywhere?

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  1. I wouldn't worry too much. Getting a bill to pass for secession is an up hill battle, and in the time it takes for any kind review to come up most people will have forgotten about it. Everyone is probably just a little butt hurt over the result of the election. Give it some time, they'll eventually calm down.