Thursday, June 7, 2012

Testing! Testing!

Sometimes in life, we have to do hard things for ourselves, and for others. There are so many different ways that we communicate to each other using sight, sound, and even touch. Although I'm not a fan of all the preppers out there who advertise where their house is and such, I did see something pretty interesting on one of the first episodes on doomsday preppers a while back. Communication through touch. Which got me thinking about all sorts of different types of communication that could be used in the end of days.

Smoke signals- In a world where you have to hunt for food and all power is gone, this is a great way to tell people far away that there's danger or that dinner is ready. We will rely more on fire to cook and keep us warm, so this is a great option.

Touch- Just like in the episode of preppers you can create your own version of touch communication. You might not need something as elaborate as Morse code, but a general idea for "I'm here" or "They're on the left" aren't bad ideas. It'll keep you from alerting others of your position.

HAM radio- Used for much longer distances, but requires electricity to run. If you can find a way to hook up your area with solar panels, this is a much more viable option. Otherwise conserve batteries by only having it on  once a day for short periods.

Warning bells- a loud sound that not only alerts intruders that you are aware of their presence, but also lets people know when it's supper.

Letters- Sometimes the best way to be perfectly clear is to have something written down. Sending letters to other colonies may be very important. Trading supplies and having a good idea of your surrounding area will be very necessary. These can be delivered on foot, or by horse.

Light- Other than seeing, a light in a window could mean that something is wrong, or that it's all clear. 

Rock formations- Not natural ones, but you can easily mark paths and show where dangerous areas are through the way you arrange rocks. There are even actual guide lines for this should you wish to not be creative.

Other things you may want to think of for your prepping location is a secret word or phrase that triggers alarm like "under the shed" or "up in the attic" in case someone is forcibly getting information from you or if they see a danger and don't want to alert the hostiles.  For this you'll wan to keep in mind that it needs to be something that would sound common to a burglar and can be used in fairly common sentences that would be out of place in your stead. Make sure that everyone knows the secret word and exactly what you use it for.

What are some special communications you use?


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