Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Prepper Store


Today has been great! ..mostly. It started off with an awesome trip to the Be Ready Inc. Erica was so helpful, and she really knew her stuff. My husband and I learned a big difference in food stuff, and the horrors of Wise food products. In short DO NOT trust them to give you full nutrition. We also learned the nutritional difference between freeze-dried and dehydrated. It's very exciting to learn tons of new information and be presented with actual facts about the food you will choose. There are definitely a few things that I want to grab next time we go.

Our trip was shortened a bit by a call from my husband's work for a drug test. (The military is tested after all major holidays.) Because we were going on a trip to the bas we decided to pick up my husband's prescriptions, and finally received them... after an hour and a half. Now I know why they have a tv in the waiting room. It was crying kid after crying kid, the hampster dance ringtone over Spongebob's voice, and by the time we left it was standing room only. What a nightmare! We drove home and saw not one, but two car accidents and were backed up in all sorts of traffic. Ugh... XP Remind me not to leave base at 3 ever again.

Now we're at home and hubby is cleaning the house (I love him sooo much!) and I am writing on my blog. We'll be headed out for a little bbq with our neighbors and good friends (Raquel's parents!) for the afternoon and she will be going into the pool for the first time! We're excited! Time to get ready! I hope we don't burn the hot dogs!



  1. So what is it about wise food company products that should not be trusted? They are made by the same people that Mfg. mountain house freeze dried food as far as i have been told. Some important questions to ask when looking into this kindof stuff, does the retailer sell product being down talked? its a poor sales tactic to down talk a product that isnt stocked but it does happen. I just ask because the wise food products actually seem pretty solid IMO, but like all emgcy food products lack somewhat in nutritional value and have very high sodium content. so in short what she said is true, but it is true, to at least some extent for all emgcy food products, and could be used as a spin to down talk food made by any company. Anyway do you remember what points she made that made it seem worse than others? what did she recommend you purchase instead?

  2. She said it was much better to either purchase or make anything with freeze dried. She mentioned shelf reliance, but really stressed that you could easily freeze dry stuff at home and it would give you a much better quality. You would have to season it later, of course.