Friday, May 25, 2012

A Bit About Me

Hello world!

I'm currently living in beautiful southern California with my awesome husband. (If I talk about him way too much, it's because I love him.) We live in an apartment, which has limited our prepping for now, but not entirely stopped it. We have two cats, Jasper and Padme. Jasper is a 4 year old silver tabby who terrorizes our house. We got him from the humane society at age 3 because of his personality and he has presented us with a unique set of challenges. (Anyone have any tips on training a 4 year old cat who doesn't respond to spray bottles and enjoys loud noises..?) Our other cat, Padme just turned one on May 4th (yes, Star Wars day!) and is the sweetest little kitten when she gets to know you and isn't attacking your feet when you are asleep. We can't imagine life without them.

We grew up in the suburbs of Mesa, AZ and moved to California, where my husband is currently stationed. We love the weather and having things be green, but we hate the economy here as well as the gun control laws (most of our preps have been left with family). My husband should be out of the marine corps next spring *cross fingers* and we can start a life where we have a little more money and a little control over our schedule.

We love camping and being outside. My husband has been getting into rock climbing with some of his friends, and it's given me a chance to work on my fear of heights. Now I can climb a 2 story wall... baby steps. When we aren't enjoying the great outdoors you can find us either at the shooting range, in the hot tub, or grilling.

I'm currently looking for a job, but being 20 with weird job experience and competing against people who are much more experienced than I am in any field makes it very difficult, especially here. Until a magical job that pops up out of nowhere comes, I'll be at home taking care of the kitties and (sometimes...) the house.

We are preparing for either an EMP and/or a governmental collapse. If an EMP were to occur technology would fail and we would be reverted to the stone age. EMP's are just one of the many unpleasant after effects of a nuclear explosion. However, if you have questions about any other types of SHTF senarios I will definitely do my best to research them and give you an answer!

What are you prepping for?



  1. I'm not prepping for anything. I tend to solve unexpected situations with bursts of controlled anger which may sound silly, but im focused on a problem when im pissed off... Or I'll die.

    For the cat the only things that came to mine are shock therapy or forced re-education with applications of shock therapy since water boarding failed... but then again im more of a people person and don't deal with cats much.

  2. You are welcome. :)

  3. My husband and I are prepping for hard economic times like Greece's population has had to endure. We are paying off ALL debt and learning to garden and care for chickens. Hopefully our only expense in retirement will be taxes and fuel. We don't expect an end to the civilized world but know if we keep expenses very low and become much more self-sufficient, we will be in a better place.

    1. Absolutely. Our big fear is that there will be riots, just like Greece. We don't think that the world will entirely end, but that it will take time to go back to a normal/better state.