Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Beginning of the End

Good Morning!

It's a wonderful night here at the Prepper household. I'm sitting in the dark with my loving husband and our two kitties, Jasper and Padme. We live in a small apartment and are fairly normal, except that we have decided to plan for the future... in an apocalyptic society. Although we believe that the end of the world is inevitable, we realize that it is very unlikely to be in our lifetime and like to fantasize (as well as prepare) for a collapse of the modern day lifestyle.

Today was our first big purchase toward that goal, a 2008 Trailblazer. This was accomplished only after four hours of dealing with car salesmen, but we came out with a car $5,000 under market value. YES! We can now officially go camping and further hone our survival skills!

My husband is a part of the military and a past boy scout who has a love for all things that go BOOM. He is very good with both outdoor survival and security. I am a housewife who did search and rescue for a few years and am great with outdoor medicine and  survival. Together we decided that if we combine our hobbies together (and my obsession for being overly prepared) then we could turn it into a full blown hobby. 

On this blog, I'll be talking about some of the many things that we are doing for the end of the world, as well as events in my day to day life. Hopefully we can give you ideas for your own home whether it be prepping, first aid, or whatever else ends up on here. I am also happy to hear any constructive advice for any of the topics that I post. As a disclaimer I will not always post prepping things, and this blog my grow into an entirely different animal as my life changes, so please bear with me.


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